Carpenter Moser has significant experience in handling all aspects of traditional toxic tort litigation, as well as cases on related fronts, such as litigation involving alleged inhalation and ingestion injuries.

Dan Carpenter previously served as the toxic tort practice group chair for Bryan Cave.  Both he and Amy Lorenz-Moser have handled a diverse array of cases, including:

defending an international chemical manufacturer in a case involving alleged phosphorous pentasulfide inhalation and a claim of Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome (“RADS”);

defending a national retailer in a wrongful death “huffing” case involving the intentional inhalation of computer cleaner;

defending a petroleum company in a case involving alleged injury from stray electricity from cathodically protected pipeline;

defending and trying a three-month toxic tort/nuisance trial for a national corporate hog farm;

defending claims involving allegations of lead poisoning from a smelter and the hauling of lead ore concentrate;

defending major paint manufacturers in a claim by the City of St. Louis for remediation of lead paint in low-income housing and successfully obtaining the dismissal of those claims, as affirmed by the Missouri Supreme Court;

defending a wind turbine company in a claim for alleged injuries from “wind turbine syndrome;”

defending a petroleum retailer in a claim for alleged injuries stemming from the inhalation of vapors following an alleged spill.

Carpenter Moser is experienced in challenging questionable expert causation testimony via Daubert and Frye motion practice and hearings and in countering same via securing experts for the defense.